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Seeking the elusive ethical base of teacher professionalism in Canadian codes of ethics
Bruce Maxwella, Marina Schwimmer, Teaching and Teacher Education, 2021/11/23

"Two studies were conducted to explore codes of ethics as a source of insight into the ethical base of teacher professionalism. The results point to specific limitations in using codes of ethics as a pedagogical resource in ethics education for future teachers."

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Duty of Care Checklist
Canadian Public Health Association, 2021/11/23

This resource helps you "define what could be legally required of a reasonable person to maintain safety for visitors to a play space" and "identify what may be reasonable from a legal perspective in the context of play spaces." It thus provides a very legalistic framework for 'duty of care'.

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Care as a Legal Concept

When we think of 'the duty of care' we often think of the legal requirement that governs professionals. This concept has its origin in a concept of being a good neighbour, has gone through a process of formalization, but is now in a way returning to its community-based roots.

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#Ethics21 Week 6 Thoughts
Today Stephen explicitly encouraged us to blog some thoughts how care ties into … analytics. From what he said over the years, my first ...

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