Ethical Practices in Learning Analytics

What have we learning? What does it mean to talk about ethics in learning analytics? What are the practical applications of the theories and issues we have considered? What do we need to do going forward?


Module 8 - Introduction, Dec 07, 2021

Module 8 - Discussion, Dec 10, 2021

Ethical Practices in Learning Analytics, Dec 17, 2021

Regulation, Dec 17, 2021

Ethical Practices: Part One, Dec 22, 2021

Ethical Practices: Part Two, Dec 22, 2021

Ethical Practices: Part Three, Dec 22, 2021

Ethical Practices: Part Four, Dec 22, 2021

Ethical Practices: Part Five, Dec 22, 2021

Culture and Ethics, Dec 24, 2021

Culture, Dec 24, 2021

Citizenship, Dec 24, 2021

Democracy, Dec 24, 2021

Agency - Part Two, Jan 05, 2022

Agency - Part One, Jan 05, 2022

A Critical Stance, Jan 13, 2022

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Module 8 - Discussion
Stephen Downes,

We explore the idea that ethics is culturally determine, and trace the implications of that for individuals, for different societies around the world, and for an overall approach to ethics and AI.

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Thank You and Good-Bye

This is the last email issue of the #ethics21 newsletter. Thank you for following along through the course. I'm not quite dont all the content - it looks like I'll finish the last of the videos on Christmas Day. You can still view them by clicking here sometime late in the day or later for my final thoughts. Thanks again and my best to each of you.

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