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Getting Ready: Synopsis
Activities, Tasks, Badges
How to Participate in a cMOOC
The Search for the Social Algorithm
The Joy of Ethics
Ethics and Analytics: Getting a Feel for the Subject
Ethics and Analytics: What We Mean By Ethics
Ethics and Analytics: What We Mean By Analytics
Module 1 - Discussion
Module 2 - Introduction
Predictive Analytics
Diagnostic Analytics
Module 3: Introduction
Module 3: Ethical Issues in Learning Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics
Generative Analytics
Deontic Analytics
When Analytics Does Not Work
Module 3 - Discussion
An Ethical Codes Reader
Bad Actors
Module 4 - Introduction
When It Is Fundamentally Dubious
Social and Cultural Issues
Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics
Ethical Codes and Ethical Issues
Duties and Obligations
Module 4 - Discussion
Bases for Values and Principles
Module 5 - Introduction
Approaches to Ethics
Virtue and Character
Module 5 - Discussion
Module 5 Part 2 - Introduction
Extending Module 5
Social Contracts
The End of Ethics
Module 5 - Part 2 - Discussion
Introduction to the Duty of Care
Module 6 - Introduction
Care as a Legal Concept
The Ethical Concept of Care Part Two
Care and Relationships
Caring as a Virtue
Caring Democracies
Caring and Pedagogy
Objections to Care Theory
Moral Sentiment
The Machine Is Us
The Learning Context
How AI Works
Module 7 - Discussion
Classifying Data
Organizing Data
Working With Data
Module 8 - Introduction
Tools and Algorithms
Models and Interpretations
Module 8 - Discussion
Recommendations for Good Practice Using AI in Learning
Testing and Application
Evaluation and Impact
Explainable AI
Using AI
Ethical Practices: Part One
Ethical Practices: Part Two
Ethical Practices: Part Three
Ethical Practices: Part Four
Ethical Practices: Part Five
Culture and Ethics
Agency - Part One
Agency - Part Two