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The Ethical Concept of Care Part One

We begin our discussion of the ethics of care by looking at what care means and how the concept of care emerged into the core of an ethical theory.

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The Ethical Concept of Care Part Two

The basis for a theory of care in in the concrete reality of ethical encounters, and this often includes oppression and vulnerability, which must be taken into account. We trace how the historical role of women can be seen to inform this perspective.

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Care and Relationships

The practice of care is based on the creation of relationships between the care-giver and the cared-for. This presentation examines this idea within the context of an ethics of care.

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Caring as a Virtue

At various points in the discussion of the ethics of care the idea of care as a virtue is expressed. We explore this connection of care and the nature of the carer.

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#Ethics21 Personal Or Not
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