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Thank You and Good-Bye

This is the last email issue of the #ethics21 newsletter. Thank you for following along through the course. I'm not quite dont all the content - it looks like I'll finish the last of the videos on Christmas Day. You can still view them by clicking here sometime late in the day or later for my final thoughts. Thanks again and my best to each of you.

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Culture and Ethics

This short video introduces the discussion in the next three videos by considering how ethics and culture intersect, how change develops in cultures, and how design plays a role in ethics.

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How do we make the leap from ethical practices in theory to practices. What is culture, how does it relate to the common good, how do we teach culture, what are cultures of learning, organizational cultures, an how do these relate to ethics?

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What does it mean to be a 'good' member of a culture? This is usually defined under the heading of 'citizenship'. We explore this concept in this video: what is a good citizen, how do we teach citizenship, how does that feed in turn into our concept of a culture?

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We begin this discussion of democracy by considering the question of corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility. We then turn to the question of what these were look like if organized democratically, considering topics such as participatory design. But what is needed to create such a society?

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