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Ethical Practices: Part One

Almost done. After today we have two topics remaining in the final module: Practices and Culture, and An Ethics of Harmony. This is definitely the last week this newsletter will publish.

We introduce the motivation for emphasizing practices rather than regulation, then look at some basic models of ethical practices, and highlight some features of frameworks and process.

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Ethical Practices: Part Two

This video looks at basic management frameworks for ethics and offers some criticisms.

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Ethical Practices: Part Three

This video looks at governance frameworks generally and data governance in detail, considering core elements of data governance and aspects relevant to ethical practices in analytics.

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Ethical Practices: Part Four

This video looks at IT governance frameworks, with a number of specific examples, and discussion of the role ethics plays in those frameworks, and also at the role of human rights frameworks informing ethical practices.

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Ethical Practices: Part Five

How do we make the leap from ethical practices in theory to practices. This video looks at four approaches as representative of the various ways the topic could be considered: incentivizing, translation, mobilization, and connective action.

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