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Awful AI Wiki
David Dao, GitHub, 2021/12/14

😈Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness

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On Digital Disinformation and Democratic Myths
David Karpf, MediaWell, 2021/12/14

The Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) operated a fake news Facebook page. "In promoting the narrative of IRA’s direct effectiveness, we run the risk of further exacerbating this threat. The danger of online disinformation isn’t how it changes public knowledge; it’s what it does to our democratic norms."

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Evaluation and Impact

In this video I discuss the evaluation of AI and analytics, not from the perspective of whether it works, but from the perspective of assessing it's wider impact on society. I outline some aspects of evaluatuon and then reflect on some factors relevant to how we structure and conduct our assessment.

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