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Recommendations for Good Practice Using AI in Learning
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, 2021/12/10

I mentioned this post during our Module 8 Discussion today. It draws on a lot from the Google AI Responsible AI practices and the OpenAI safety best practices but I've tried to keep them less prescriptive and less judgemental. My document also draws on a wider understanding of what the ethical issues might be and how our practice might be shaped to address them.

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Module 8 - Discussion

We explore the idea that ethics is culturally determine, and trace the implications of that for individuals, for different societies around the world, and for an overall approach to ethics and AI.

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#Ethics21 Faked Teachers?
A challenging question in this week was not on the course channels but in OLDaily: “Still don’t think they can be teachers?” in a ...

#Ethics21 Week 8
I had my difficulties to get my head around this week's topic. Continue reading →

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