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Hopfield Nets [Neural Networks for Machine Learning]
Geoffrey Hinton, YouTube, 2021/12/08

Lecture from the course Neural Networks for Machine Learning, as taught by Geoffrey Hinton (University of Toronto) on Coursera in 2012. This lecture describes Hopfield nets, and offers an easy-to-follow explanation of how neural nets can be used to remember.

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Machine Learning Models Explained
AI Wiki, 2021/12/08

This is the source for the document with the large diagram of different types of machine learning algorithms. The AI wiki is "a repository of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) terms for individuals and businesses."

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Tools and Algorithms

Presentation description A broad overview of types of AI and machine learning algorithms, including learning theories, types of algorithm, and tools.

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#Ethics21 Faked Teachers?
A challenging question in this week was not on the course channels but in OLDaily: “Still don’t think they can be teachers?” in a ...

#Ethics21 Week 8
I had my difficulties to get my head around this week's topic. Continue reading →

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