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On Caring

This is a link to Milton Mayeroff's short (38 page) book on the ethics of caring, written in 1971. There's a lot of really good content in this book, which would be worth reading even independently of this course. It describes caring as taking on a voluntary obligation out of a feeling of devotion, based on a relationship that has a quality of 'being with' another person, seeing from their eyes rather than merely one's own, and as being a type of personal development, not merely subservience or service.

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Caring in Education
Nel Noddings, 2021/11/24

"In this article Nel Noddings explores the nature of caring relations and encounters
in education and some of the difficulties educators have with them. She also looks
at caring relations as the foundation for pedagogical activity."

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#Ethics21 Week 6 Thoughts
Today Stephen explicitly encouraged us to blog some thoughts how care ties into … analytics. From what he said over the years, my first ...

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