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AI virtues: The missing link in putting AI ethics into practice
Thilo Hagendorff, arXiv, 2021/11/09

From the abstract: "This paper proposes four basic AI virtues, namely justice, honesty, responsibility and care, all of which represent specific motivational settings that constitute the very precondition for ethical decision making in the AI field. Moreover, it defines two second-order AI virtues, prudence and fortitude, that bolster achieving the basic virtues." It raise the question: can we train an AI to be virtuous?

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Virtue and Character

This presentation introduces the first of a number of ethical traditions, this one on virtue and character. It outlines the concept of virtue, describes a number of approaches describing the various virtues, and discusses contemporary ideas related to virtue theory in ethics.

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#Ethics21 Week 4: Many Concepts
This week has brought plenty of ethical concepts, and I need to share how interesting I found it to put them all on a map and connect them. ...

#Ethics21 Undistributed Posts Reference
Somehow, three of my course posts have not shown up in the daily newsletters, archives, or in the RSS feed (at least I did not discover them), so ...

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