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AI and education: Guidance for policy-makers
UNESCO, 2021/11/08

From the introduction: "This publication offers guidance for policy-makers on how best to leverage the opportunities and address the risks, presented by the growing connection between AI and education." This report (50 page PDF) begins by outlining AI essentials and then takes a risk-benefit approach to assessing the impact of AI on education. It then looks at the linkage between AI and the UN's strategic development goal on education (SDG4), surveys a range of policy approaches, and makes key recommendations, none of which will strike anyone as particularly surprising, flowing as they do from a fairly orthodox management strategy of defining an overall vision, interdisciplinary planning and inter-sectoral governance. The report recommends steering " AI-and-education policy development and practices towards protecting human rights and equipping people with the values and skills needed for sustainable development  and effective human-machine collaboration in life, learning and work."

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Bases for Values and Principles

What grounds these codes of ethics? On what basis do their authors assert that this code of ethics, as opposed to some hypothetical alternative, is the code of ethics to follow? A typical explanation might be that “An individual’s professional obligations are derived from the profession and its code, tradition, society's expectations, contracts, laws, and rules of ordinary morality” (Weil, 2008), but a closer examination raises as many questions as it answers.

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Module 5 - Introduction

This presentation ranges from a contrast between working class culture and academic culture, a consideration of the source of ethical knowledge, a discussion of how ethical principles apply, and ways of questioning even some of the most basic ethical principles.

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Approaches to Ethics

This presentation introduces Module 5 and begins our investigation into the study of ethics generally. Alfter all, while analytics and AI are new, ethics has been studies for 3,000 years, and we have inherited a rich tradition of different schools of ethics, thoughts about ethical justifications, and metaethics.

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