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Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics
Stephen Downes, Human and Artificial Intelligence for the Society of the Future, 2021/11/02

The growth and development of learning analytics has placed a range of new capacities into the hands of educational institutions.This increased capacity has raised a range of ethical issues addressed by developing an ethical code of conduct for practitioners. Such codes of conduct are drawn from similar codes in other disciplines. This paper consists of an analysis of ethical codes from other disciplines. Some authors assert that there are fundamental tenets common to all such codes, but this analysis argues that while there is some overlap, there is no set of principles common to all disciplines.

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When It Is Fundamentally Dubious

This presentation looks at cases where the use of AI us fundamentally dubious. This includes cases where the consequences of misuse are very high, when there is the potential for feedback effects, cases where classification is used to infer agency, and cases where we don't know what the consequences may be.

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Social and Cultural Issues

This video takes a look at the wider social and cultural issues stemming from the use of learning analytics and artificial ,intelligence, ranging from questions of power, influence and inclusiveness, the loss of our sense of right and wrong, our role in society, and the 'winner takes all' phenomenon.

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#Ethics21 Week 4, Codes
Certainly, AI can contribute to the abusive proliferation of popups, alerts and 'notifications'. Continue reading →

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