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Mapping the Ethics of Learning Analytics in Higher Education
Teresa Cerratto Pargman, Cormac McGrath, Journal of Learning Analytics, 2021/10/27

How do we learn about the ethical issues in learning analytics? This article (17 page PDF) provides an overview of a number of studies that have sought to identify and define these issues. The authors write, "we perceive a need to seek ways to increase the geographic and cultural diversity of studies on ethics in the LA technology-enhanced learning communities. This is important considering Ferguson et al.’s observation that ethical values are not consistent from country to country, from institution to institution,or even from classroom to classroom."

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When Analytics Works

In this presentation I focus on the ethical issues that arise when analytics and AI are working as designed and are being used as intended, considering such matters as surveillance and anonymity, content manipulation, microtargeting and discrimination.

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#Ethics21 Week 3 Tasks
My homework for Week 3. Continue reading →

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