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Module 3: Ethical Issues in Learning Analytics
Stephen Downes, 2021/10/25

Welcome to Module 3, in which we cover the range of ethical issues in learning analytics. Like last module, where we surveyed the many types of analytics and AI applications, in this module we cover the many types of ethical issues raised by them. View this module page for access to live events, tasks, pages and additional resources.

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Examples of Ethical Issues in Analytics

Take a look at the list of all ethical issues in analytics.

First, are we missing any important types of ethical issue? If so, please write a short description of that issue and place it into the correct category using this form.

Second, take a look at a specific type of issue from the list provided. Can you find an example or discussion of this issue on the web? If so, at the bottom of the page there is a place where you can suggest the resource. In the form that appears, provide the title and link as well as a short summary of the resource.


Module 3 - Ethical Issues in Learning Analytics: Introduction

In this video we introduce the topic of 'Ethics in Learning Analytics' and also discuss the tasks for Module 3 and how the graphing exercise fits into the theme of the course as a whole, giving us first-hand experience of the sorts of decisions an AI designer would need to make.

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All Ethical Issues
This page lists all the ethical issues found in our literature search for ethical issues in learning analytics.

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