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Applications of Analytics

Part 1. Review the presentation for Tuesday, Applications of Analytics, and consider whether any additional applications could be added to this list. If you can think of another application of analytics, go to the 'Add Application' page and submit your suggestion.

Part 2. For the application you've submitted, or for any existing application, identify a web page or document offering an example of that application. Then go to the 'Add Link' page and add your link, selecting the 'Application' category that it belongs to.

Part 3. These submissions will be collected and we will review them during the Friday discussion. If you would like credit (ie., a badge) for this work, write a blog post discussing your approach to each of the two tasks, and include links in your post to the link you uploaded.


Descriptive Analytics

This presentation surveys the set of descriptive analytics identified thus far in the course. It also shows how we're creating a database of relevant concepts, and how this database related to the task already assigned. We will be using a similar approach to mother topics in the course, with the result being a searchable graph of concepts and applications related to analytics in learning.


New Pages

Descriptive Analytics
This page is a list and description of the applications of analytics categorized as "descriptive applications" in the course database.

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