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What Does Ethics Mean to You?

This task is another request for a blog post. In this post, considering the sorts of issues that come up when working with analytics and artificial intelligence, what does ethics mean to you? This ideally should just be a list of the sorts of things that are ethical (like justice, fairness, equity, etc.) but a consideration of how you come to arrive at those values, what form they take, how they apply to your work, and how they should (?) apply to the field generally. Record your answer in your blog, tag it with #ethics21 and if you haven't already be sure your blog has been submitted to the course (if for some reason it can't be submitted, send me an email when you've written your post and I'll make sure it's included manually).


The Joy of Ethics

This presentation expresses the overall argument of this course. Ethics is based on perception, not principle. It springs from that warm and rewarding sensation that follows when we have done something good in the world. It reflects our feelings of compassion, of justice, of goodness. It is something that comes from inside, not something that results from a good argument or a stern talking-to.

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Starting #ethics21
Student data analytics has smacked of math and manipulating people, two things that both fascinate and repel me. Stephen Downs is offering an ...

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