Activities, Tasks, Badges

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Hello and welcome to ethics analytics and the duty of care. 

We're in module minus one getting ready. 

This is Thursday and the title of this session is activities, tasks and badges and so. 

We're still talking more about how to participate in the course. 

So we've talked previously about how to publish your MC and supply an RSS feed for the course and some of you have done that and we can look at the results of that in the on the your feeds page. 

We've got these fees now being. 

Harvested, and why don't I just check while we're live? 

Whether I've got any more feeds that have come in? 

So we'll just check and see and random access learning that one is new, so we'll approve that one. 

And this one is new. 

So we'll add that one. 

I don't know why he made the OR she. 

Made the title. 

UH staff education. 

Oh, I see what you've done, OK? 

UH, title. 

So the harvest. 

Let's check the harvest, that's correct, so whatever. 

So for the title, it's going to be whatever the title for this blog is. 

So let's just go have a look. 

Learning matters. 

So we'll copy that. 

And we'll go back. 

Whoops, that's not. 

Where we were. 

That's not where we were. 

Too many windows open again here. 

We go, so I hope that's alright. 

Uh, currently unknown author of this blog, but it'll make it look a lot better in the list. 

So anymore, UM, that's my ethical POV. 

That's new awesome, so we'll check that one. 

We'll confirm that one is approved. 

So make sure ethics analytics so not OK. 

I believe I have them all. 

So we'll just reload this and get the new things OK, and so now now this this page unfortunately isn't doesn't automatically update. 

Oh yeah, yeah yeah, well this one. 

Oh, it did update it. 

Looks like it updated. 

It only updates once a day, which is probably why you wouldn't be seeing it, so let's update it manually so everybody can see this now. 

So list page. 

And course feeds is what I call it. 

And let's publish this. 

And let's have a look at it. 

You see the title your feeds, so learn tech George, Ethical POV, random access, learning ethics 21, ethics, analytics, MOOC and oh learning matters isn't? I forgot to. 


Change the I changed your title never approved you as an edit, so let's list the feeds again. 

And let's list all of the feeds, learning matters and let's approve learning matters. 

And now let's publish that page again. 

So I'll just publish that so. 

Giving you a bit. 

Of a view of what happens behind the scenes in this course. 

Because if you see what I'm doing, you have a better sense of what you're doing in. 

In order to make the course work. 

At least, that's the theory. 

You can let me know if that's not true. 

Yeah, as we progress through the course, we. 

Get you know. 

Into the actual topic of the course, rather than just setting up for the course. 

We will. 

You won't see all of this behind the scenes stuff. 

At least I hope not, because I'm hoping everything really works. 

And we'll just be looking at content, but you. 

Know it's nice. 

To see this as we set up. 

So here we go. 

Here are the feeds currently being harvested for the course. 

Will take, you know, a little bit now for the harvester to gather all the data for those and insert it into the course RSS feed for you to follow and for us to see in the newsletter. But anything that's been written in any of these blogs over the last 24 hours. 

Or longer for some for the new ones, we'll show up in the course feed and we'll show up here in the course newsletter so you know that what your contribution is is being seen by other people in the course, and that's the whole idea right? 

The whole idea. 

Is that you? 

Write things you have your opinions or resources. 

You might want to add and these are shared with everybody else as well as whatever I write. 

And whatever I share so that we get a really good mix of things happen. 

And so it's not just me adding content to the course, it's you people as well. 

Alright, so activities. 

So, so I want to re acquaint you with the course activities so course events. 

Here we are. 

All of the course events are available for viewing in the list of course events here. 

One thing to note because I forgot that next Monday is Thanksgiving Day Module 1 introduction will not take place on Monday. 

It will take place on Tuesday. 

If you click on the event. 

You can see the event. 

And as well, if you wish, you can add the individual event to your calendar. 

If you want to Add all of the events all at once to your calendar, click on course events and you can load the full calendar. 

This is an ICS file, so you click on it and then you open it with whatever your application is. 

And that will Add all of the course events to your course calendar. 

Or, depending on how your calendar works, it might make a new calendar just for the course, and then you would display that alongside your regular calendar. 

This is up to you, so all events, every event. 

Here is viewed in the activity center, which is where we are now. 

Now, so here's the activity center. 

This will be true of the zoom conferences. 

If you don't want to actually participate in the Zoom conference, then you just come to the activity center and you can participate. 

You can watch the zoom. 

A conference call happening, live and comment it and see anybody who on Twitter who's commenting on it. 

Alternatively, when we do the actual event. 

You can join the event by clicking on zoom. 

You just click here. 

So for tomorrow tomorrow is Friday. 

Go to this page and click here. 

Although and I'll make sure as well that this is available in your newsletter. 

Uh, for well for today I had a bit of a glitch with the newsletter yesterday, the. 

Page didn't update properly and as a result I had to send it out manually, but I can do that at least, so you should still have received newsletter. 

If you have not received your newsletter yet, you should be receiving them. 

But if you have not check your spam. 

Folder or you may need to wait list., which is marked as the sender of the newsletter. 

So that's the activities and the calendar information. 

Another item that's happening in this course is tasks. 

I'm going to go back to the activity center just to see if there's any chat happening. 

Nope, and I see there's no chat happening on YouTube and that's because we have no live viewers. 

I love doing these online courses where there's no live. 

All right? 

Oh, just to just because there was a question about times being presented here. 

The the. 

The calendar files or the calendar submissions. 

Those should show up. 

In your local time zones, everything in here is specified according to time zone. 

So the ICS file. 

Does specify that this event is taking place in the Americas Toronto Time Zone, which is Eastern right now. 

It's Eastern Daylight Time. 

The calendar even specifies the RCS file even specifies when and how. 

We make the shift to Standard Time. 

We move out of daylight savings time and into Eastern Standard Time on November. 

Seven so the first date that will be affected by that is Monday, November 8th and the the ICS file takes that into account. 

So is it not fun? 

So your calendar should display the time the correct time locally for you. 

But if you see it as 12, that's 12 Eastern Time. 

Whether it's Eastern Daylight Time or Eastern Standard Time, all right course activities. 

So here we are in module minus one. 

And so here we have the the discussion and you can access any of the activities from the module page. 

You see, it's the same page here that we go to as well. 

In each module there will be one or more tasks assigned. 

These tasks are completely optional, obviously because I'm not offering grades. 

Excuse me, but but there's a bonus right, so click on the task and you get the task page. 

And as well, the tasks, each task, of course, is associated with a module. 

But the task as well is associated with a badge. 

Now I don't have the badge displayed here, I really should. 

I'll edit this page later. 

Oh, actually, I'll edit the template later so that the associated badge shows up, but I'll take a look at the bag. 

See if I remember the badge number correctly. 

Yeah, so here's a badge and there's the related task right that we just saw and I'll make sure the link works the other way as well. 

So if you complete this task. 

And provide you know the the appropriate. 

Blog post that is harvested by the course. 

Then you can receive the badge. 

If you receive the badge. 

It'll show up on the link page for your post, so here for example are now it doesn't. 

This doesn't display very nice and I might change the format, but we'll see is the harvested version of the post that Matias? 

Meltzer created, and you can see down here. 

Here's the badge now. 

Like I say, this is all a work in progress, so forgive me here, but. 

Here's the idea. 

The what should show up here is the actual badge image, and when you click on the actual badge image you will be taken to. 

The the badge page now. 

You'd probably don't want to, you know. 

Have your link on my page. 

I certainly wouldn't. 

So what will be available? 

And it's not ready yet, but it's almost ready. 

Is the badge that you can put on your webpage that will link back to this task? 

So there's a couple of ways that I'm working on it. 

I've been working on on it with Badger. 

So here it is in Badger and there is a way for me to award the badge in Badger and So what will happen is when I read your item, I'll just click a button to award the badge and it will be awarded and so you can get the badge from Badger and put it on your page. 

I don't care who you are and I might not have a name to put in there. 

And I won't be identifying you by email. 

I'll be identifying the recipient by URL. 

So the URL of the of the submission that you've made. 

That was harvested by me for this particular task. 

Will be what's recorded in the badge information, and then the award narrative will come from the description of the badge on the website. 

The additional evidence maybe a link. 

Or a textual negative textual narrative. 

But maybe not. 

You know, the main thing is the URL your link URL. 

Will be placed here. 

Here, and I'm not going to expire it, so you'll actually receive that badge. 

You don't have to do anything, although if you want to help me. 

If you're actually completing a task with something that you've posted on your blog, indicate on your blog post that you're completing that task. 

That's not as tight and automatic as I would like it to be. 

In the future, my vision is that people would use a personal learning environment and so they have all of this data on their own computer so that when they create a blog post, they can just select from a drop down list and say, you know, I'm associating this. 

With that badge and then the MOOC system that I'm running. 

We would see that in the harvest of your link and automatically award the badge and then you know I put some AI in there and you know to look at your thing, see if it actually satisfies the criteria. 

That's where you down the line, but you can see how the AI would play a role there. 

So my headphones are about to die, but good thing I'm not using them for anything here. 

So, uhm. 

That's how the tasks and the badges work, so again the tasks are completely optional. 

They will always involve creating a post. 

So really what? 

I'm using the tasks for is to offer you writing prompts for the things that you do in your post up. 

But you know, these writing prompts may involve you actually doing some activities. 

For example, uh, in one case I'll be looking to find cases using different types of artificial intact artificial intelligence technology. 

For online learning, I'll be looking for cases where issues come up. 

I'll be looking for. 

Examples of using artificial intelligence for whatever. 

We'll talk about that when we get there, and more so the idea here is that these tasks involve you in some of the things directly related to the subject that we're talking about. 

They won't just be writing. 

Answer in your blog, but you will be. 

It will be recommended that you actually do something that's what makes this a course rather than just Series A series of lectures. 

Is this idea that you go out and do things? 

Things these things aren't. 

All they aren't at all going to be done on the course website. 

You do them off in your own environment and made me tell me about them and I might see links. 

I might see resources whatever and. 

What I'm trying to do is gather all of that, bring it together, and make all of that part of. 

The course Reza. 

Courses because by the end of this course, this course itself will be a huge resource base for everything you might want to know about or do things with related to ethics, analytics and the duty of care. 

Tons of stuff. 

I'm sort of wrestling with. 

How to present that. 

That's what I have for today. 

Uhm, so normally I'd see if there are any questions. 

In the. 

Chat area and we'll. 

We'll have a look at the activity center, see if there's any comments or questions there. 

Nope, and that's probably because right now, there's no one viewing this video, but that's OK. 

I I imagine people will watch. 

This video later and if you don't have a question, just pop it either into in, into here or oh, that's what happened, right? 

Somebody entered a comment and then clicked post to Twitter, but when you click post to Twitter it shows up as a comment under my name. 

I should make sure that only I am posting to Twitter. 

Uh, that's something to. 

Look at so so so I'll be making sure that my pages are updating properly. 

I'll be making sure that posts to Twitter only come from actually me and not people pretending to be me by accident. 

I'll be cleaning up that badge. 

Display stuff. 

And I continue to assemble and organize the content of. 

The course there's a. 

Great deal of content in there. 

Doors that we'll be looking at starting next Tuesday. 

Live session tomorrow. 

If nobody shows up to the live session, I know that's a possibility. 

I've learned to live with rejection. 

It's hard. 

And then I'll just wing it and talk about how the course setup process has progressed and point you to some resources related to that. 

So that's all I've got. 

Thanks everyone for joining me. 

I see someone has just. 

Joined on YouTube. 

I don't know who you are, it's OK, but it does say there is one person watching, uh, so hi to the one person watching. 

We're just finishing up, so if you want to see this whole session, give it a few seconds for it to load in Google. 

And then and I forgot to turn on the transcriptions rats. 

OK, well I'll have to do that manually. 

But anyhow, reload the activity center page and you'll be able to play this video back from the beginning. 

So thanks, thanks a lot everyone. 

Talk to you tomorrow.