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Into the Last Few Days

I haven't posted a Task for this module because I sense that everybody is bogged down with travel, attempted travel, marking, or other work that has piled up. There's a lot to be said about agency... but maybe we need to save some of it for the next offering of this course. Meanwhile, though, I've made a video about the experience that motivated this module.

One Final Live Conversation

Let's wrap up the course with an online conversation anyone can join. When? I've set a default time but I'd rather set a time by consensus. This page is open for editing. Join in and help decide when to wrap up and celebrate the end of the course.


YouTube-for-iOS-iDownloadBlog-channel-iPhone-screenshot-001.jpg Sept 28, 2021 image YouTube-for-iOS-iDownloadBlog-channel-iPhone-screenshot-001.jpg URL: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-vy3xpFmYNO4/YDkSP3ypCWI/AAAAAAAAVVA/PD2VT6rJnuIjdjDH8oktb418qPnfVDklQCLcBGAsYHQ/w400-h264/YouTube-for-iOS-iDownloadBlog-channel-iPhone-screenshot-001.jpg


Learning And Teaching And Pandemic Opportunities, Challenges And Lessons Learned
This is an unedited automated transcription by https://otter.aiof my talk given at Nottingham Trent University (online via Teams) Trent Institute ...

More Open
[source] "We should pause and ask the question," says David Wiley, "is more open always better?" The answer, of course, is &...

Oer And User Pay
  Thanks to Jeff Rubenstein for a thoughtful comment. I agree that the division between 'content' and 'paper + ink' isn&...

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