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Conversation With Amy Burvall


Conversation with Amy Burvall Dec 16, 2018 video After 25 years in K-12 education, Amy Burvall is currently consulting, creating, and curating in the fields of creativity, visual thinking, and digital literacies. She joins us in week 8 of E-Learning 3.0. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idRrG8v8AkQ

Creating and Awarding a Badge in gRSShopper Dec 16, 2018 video n this video I show how I use gRSShopper to create a task, then create a Badge, upload the badge image, associate the badge with the task, create the Badge on Badgr, read RSS feeds of student contributions, award them a badge in the RSS reader, and have the badge save on Badgr, get sent as a WebMention, and registered in the gRSShopper badge blockchain. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSRsUMWTJo4


A Bit About Blockchain And The Distributed Ledger Effect
dogtrax, Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/12/16

I’ll be the first to admit: I know very little about Blockchain technology, although I hear the term more and more in different spaces as it relates to e-currency and encryption and more. How does Blockchain relate to education and learning and teaching? This is part of what Stephen Downes explores near the end his […]

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Finding A Poem Among The Words Of Others
dogtrax, Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/12/16

This week’s call for Creativity via E-Learning 3.0, coming on the heels of considerations of distributed communities, had me thinking of heading back into the words of others, and maybe finding a poem. What the poem would say, and how it would look, I couldn’t say. But I hoped a deeper and closer reading, with […]

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Catching up on quick thoughts #el30
Laura Ritchie, lauraritchie.com, 2018/12/16

Last week Stephen held an open hangout for his class #el30 and I had very much hoped to join. In my work (teaching) life this week was the week of exams, presentations, and submissions for the semester’s work, and so when students asked for help I did my best to make time. Some of that time ended up being during the hangout, and so I missed it.

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#getsmART: Lessons from the Artists
Amy Burvall, YouTube, 2018/12/16

What insights can we gain from studying the lives and creative processes of famous artists? Thinking like an artist means being porous, pushing past, and playing. This talk was given (in a slightly different form ) at TEDxWestVancouverED.

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Crushing It with Creativity- The Virtual Summit EU keynote
Amy Burvall, Slideshare, 2018/12/16

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Amy Burvall, AmusED, 2018/12/16

All of Amy Burvall's posts on creativity. See also: Amy Burvall's website.

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