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Amy Burvall Tomorrow

We'll keep this newsletter short as there was a server outage right at the end of the day and because there will be another newsletter tomorrow (or maybe Sunday, or maybe both).

A Conversation With Amy Burvall

Amy Burvall is getting up really early on a Saturday to join us. The conversation will start at noon Eastern time (see the Event Page to see the time in your own time zone. Put it in your calendar and be sure not to miss it! Here's her web page: "Amy Burvall (amyburvall.com) is a professional dot-connector who helps people think and live more creatively. A 25 year veteran educator, she now freelances as a consultant specializing in creativity and visual thinking." Here are (some of) her videos


Create Your Experience

Be creative! Using the medium of your choice, create a representation of your experience of E-Learning 3.0. Then post your creation (or post a link to your creation) on your blog.

Here's a good example of the sort of thing you could create, by Kevin Hodgeson (who apparently also studied mind reading as he completed this Task before it was posted).

If you need inspiration, visit the DS106 Assignment Bank and select one of the assignments, and then interpret it in the light of E-Learning 3.0.


E-Learning 3.0 Experience
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/12/14

The task for this penultimate week of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC on the topic of Experience is: Here is my submission This is the musical accompaniment for the verses below. Please sing along. For the introduction to this week’s topic,… Continue reading →

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Laura Ritchie, lauraritchie.com, 2018/12/14

I just blinked. Did I miss it? Actually I experienced that blink. I know I think a lot, and with words, their meaning, understanding, and having or breaking through limitations of contexts and definitions is important. Technology continues to develop, and with every blink that goes by we find more and more ways to facilitate connection across time and place, yet this does not supersede the physicality of living.

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