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Wrapping Up Community

I don't mind lingering for an extra day or two on community. Our course guest for the Experience module, Amy Burvall, will be joining us on Saturday at noon (mark your calendars) so we have some extra time. And the Community module, which started late, left us with some lingering issues. So...

Special Event: Dialogue on Community

We will still have a Wednesday webcast, as usual, but we'll throw open the doors and have a free-for-all debrief on the consensus Task assigned for this module. It raised a number of issues and even the suspicion that I was playing a game with course participants. I wasn't, really, but I think it will be interesting to reflect on the ways the Task could have been completed. Join here.


E-Learning 3.0, Part 7 - Community
Stephen Downes, 2018/12/12


My Experiences Of The E-Learning 3.0 Mooc To Date
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/12/08

First a bit of background The task for this week in the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC is related to the topic of Community in the distributed web. This is the task as created by Stephen Downes: As a community, create an… Continue reading →

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Comic Reflection: Some Final-Ish Thoughts On E-Learning 3.0
dogtrax, Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/12/08

This sort-of final reflection is for E-Learning 3.0 with Stephen Downes, and the musings of my experience — here in the form of a comic — is part of what may be a final project around “community.” I say “may” because a few of us are trying to discern a path forward with the open-ended […]

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#El30 Week 7: This Class
x28, EL30 – x28's new Blog, 2018/12/08

This week I try to write about my experience of this course, and to take into account the aspect of community.
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Some Things I’Ve Experienced So Far On This #El30 Journey
daveymoloney, Davey Moloney, 2018/12/12

The latest topic for #El30 was Community. Stephen set an open ended task for course participants to, as a community ( I believe this was meant in a loose way), come up with and reach consensus on a task, the completion of which denotes being a member of the community. As a community, create an … Continue reading "Some things I’ve experienced so far on this #EL30 journey"

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Community Task – My Experiences With This E-Learning 3.0 Course
Frank, Doin’ Stuff, 2018/12/12

       I don’t know what your reaction was to the receipt of the two online surveys asking for feedback on E-learning 3.0, but I trashed both. To soon to say which part of the course I liked the best since we were not even halfway through it.      However, this week’s task, … Continue reading "Community Task – My experiences with this E-Learning 3.0 course"

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#El30 Week 8: The Invisible
x28, EL30 – x28's new Blog, 2018/12/12

This week is about experience. I was musing about indirect methods.
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#El30: Preliminary Impressions
Roland, Learning with Moocs, 2018/12/12

How do I feel about the course E-learning 3.0 (#el30)? Why did I participate to begin with? First of all, I liked the idea of participating in a project facilitated by Stephen Downes since I appreciate his newsletter and his pioneering work in developing and facilitating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I’m also intrigued by […]

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Creativity And Experience On The Distributed Web
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/12/12

The topic for the penultimate week in the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC is ‘Experience’. We haven’t really started discussing this yet, but Stephen Downes, who is running this course, has posted a Synopsis to get us going. I am copying this below,… Continue reading →

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