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Conversation with Viplav Baxi


Conversation with Viplav Baxi Nov 28, 2018 video Viplav Baxi joined us for week 6 of E-Learning 3.0. He is currently Director - Product and Digital Transformation at Oxford University Press in New Delhi, India. We talked about resources, the role of MOOCs in education today, his new 'WhatIfEdu' project, testing, badges and recognition, and community. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuSaeFStpwc


Viplav Baxi, 2018/11/28

What if teachers learned to perform to transform rather than be a guide by the side or a sage on the stage? Teachers perhaps need to be an equal part performer who enact and 'live' the subject in their interactions with students.

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The Gap Between Open And Closed: Oer Vs Tpt
dogtrax, Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/11/28

Despite the inference in the title of this post, I don’t imagine the movement towards Open Educational Resources battling it out on the stage with profit-driven spaces like Teachers Pay Teachers. I am not sure it even has to be one (profit-based) versus the other (free-based). I just want to put both models side by […]

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Notes on Resources videos #el30
Laura Ritchie, 2018/11/28

I am behind in #el30 and these notes are for the videos for the Resources topic (which is just being wrapped up now). I have watched the two videos posted by Stephen as part of the main course materials and I’ll dive into the task videos next – hopefully before tomorrow’s new topic conversation begins!

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This Week's Task

Create a free account on a Badge service (several are listed in the resources for this module). Then:

  • create a badge
  • award it to yourself.
  • use a blog post on your blog as the 'evidence' for awarding yourself the badge
  • place the badge on the blog post.
To assist you in this, you can see this blog post where I did all four steps with Badgr. (I also tried to work with the API, with much less success).


As is always the case, it's easier to talk about doing something than it is to do it. Thus has been the case with course badges. I've been working on it for a couple of days, learning a lot in the process, but making little headway. But I've done just enough to know I'll be able to make it work. So there will be badges.

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