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Wrapping Up Identity

Today's newsletter includes a video and an article summarizing out week on identity. It alsi has a number of your completed identity graphs as well as a lot of great discussion.


E-Learning 3.0 - Identity Nov 18, 2018 video Identity is one of the deepest issues in philosophy and one that runs through the history of education like a single thread. It can seem esoteric, but some of the problems it raises can touch home very quickly. How do we know someone is who they say they are? URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjhObFQIWL0


E-Learning 3.0, Part 4: Identity
Stephen Downes, 2018/11/18


Id Graph, E-Learning 3.0/ 1st Draft
ioannouolga, connecting data to information to knowledge, 2018/11/18

So, here I am, first attempt. I thought I’d show the complexity of being a. an architect, b. in Greece, c. during crisis. Graph shows a multiplicity of roles and some of their interconnections (dotted lines): for example freelance self-employment leads to a certain amount of knowledge in construction which leads to an educational position […]

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Identity From The Perspective Of Authentication
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/11/18

In this video Stephen Downes, convener of the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC explains that in the future our safety and security online will be managed through the use of identification keys. We will each have a private key and a public… Continue reading →

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The Quantified, Qualified And Connected Self
jennymackness, e-learning 3.0 – Jenny Connected, 2018/11/18

This week the topic on the E-Learning 3.0 MOOC has been Identity. We have tried to answer questions such as: How do we know who someone is? How do we project ourselves on the internet? How can we be safe… Continue reading →

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Considering Keys To Identity And Authentication
dogtrax, EL30 – Kevin's Meandering Mind, 2018/11/18

(Warning: this is a bit of a ramble) In EL30 (E-Learning 3.0), Stephen Downes has us now thinking beyond notions of identity, and into the future of digital authentication. Stephen, our navigator, explores the notion of private and public ‘keys’ as a way to keep our identities and our data private, and firmly in user […]

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Frank’S Identity Graph – Week Three 2nd Task
Frank, Doin’ Stuff, 2018/11/18

My internet identity journey started with Web 2.0/CCK08 and the beginnings of trying to internalize what Stephen meant when he said “that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks (of people and machine). Exposed for the first time to the … Continue reading "Frank’s Identity Graph – Week Three 2nd Task"

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#El30: Prepositions On The Edge Of Identity
Learning Complexity, 2018/11/18

Last week, Stephen Downes assigned an identity graph for those participating in #el30. Like Jenny Mackness and Mathias Melcher, I was initially perplexed that the graph “should not contain a self-referential node titled ‘me’ or ‘self’ or anything similar”. Surely, I thought, any picture of my connections should include me, right?

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Who Am I? – Digital Identity And Web 3.0
kgq962, Random Access Learning, 2018/11/18

With a topic like identity, it’s very tempting to wax philosophical, but hopefully, I’ll be able to, if not avoid that, at least rein it in a bit and focus on the subject of the creation, maintenance and curation of … Continue reading →

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Why Web 3.0?
ioannouolga, connecting data to information to knowledge, 2018/11/18

The graph refers to the formal properties network and the network to the physical properties of the graph. The beginning of the Web: It started out as a decentralized network of interconnected servers, overtime it became dominated by platforms like google. The original web was hard to use. They needed an index, bookmarks etc. The people […]

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Keys and encryption
Larua Ritchie, 2018/11/18

This is a technical post in response to the useful provocation Stephen provided with his video for #el30 exploring Yubi keys and Public / Private keys. Stephen began by saying it is not his area of expertise (mine either). There is a LOT in these topics and I have a friend who is a specialist […]

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My Graph #el30
Laura Ritchie, 2018/11/18

I did it! Got out the metaphoric gardening gloves, and dug around to figure this graph business out. I’ll admit that the thought of making a 2D representation of me as a graph did not instantly appeal, but I also realise that there is HUGE benefit to seeing other points of view, and to learning […]

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