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The Identity Graph

Yesterday's readings lead to today's task. For those who like to look behind the scenes, I finally got around to setting up the Tasks table in the gRSShopper database - here's a shortish video demonstrating the process from beginning to end. It illustrates what I think is a core feature of gRSShopper - you control not only your data, but how you define your data. Because - why shouldn't you?


Wednesday at 15:00 Eastern Standard Time we will have our weekly conversation, this time with Maha Bali, who is Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Learning & Teaching at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and well known for her commentary and contributions to the field of online through her blog and Twitter feed. Here's the link to the event: https://el30.mooc.ca/event/83



Create an Identity Graph

  • We are expanding on the marketing definition of an identity graph. It can be anything you like, but with one stipulation: your graph should not contain a self-referential node titled ‘me’ or ‘self’ or anything similar

  • Think of this graph as you defining your identity, not what some advertiser, recruiter or other third party might want you to define.

  • Don't worry about creating the whole identity graph - focusing on a single facet will be sufficient. And don't post anything you're not comfortable with sharing. It doesn't have to be a real identity graph, just an identity graph, however you conceive it.

Optional: consider some of these questions about your identity graph:

  • What is the basis for the links in your graph: are they conceptual, physical, causal, historical, aspirational?

  • Is your graph unique to you? What would make it unique? What would guarantee uniqueness?

  • How (if at all) could your graph be physically instantiated? Is there a way for you to share your graph? To link and/or intermingle your graph with other graphs?

  • What’s the ‘source of truth’ for your graph?



Creating an Identity-Safe Classroom
Becki Cohn-Vargas, Dorothy M. Steele, Edutopia, 2018/11/13

Our research revealed that teachers can create identity-safe classrooms, defined as places that foster belonging and value for students of all backgrounds. This assumes that schooling is a social process that depends on trust, a process in which their social identity is an asset to school success.

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The role of education in shaping youth’s national identity
Fazilah Idris, Zaharah Hassan, Azizah Ya’acob, Saran Kaur Gill, Noor Aziah Mohd Awal, UKM Teaching and Learning Congress, 2018/11/13

This study looks at whether education can help develop national identity in Malaysia. "Education provides knowledge and skills to the population, as well as shaping the personality of the youth of a nation. Nevertheless, can education shape the youth’s national identity? Can education cultivate the person's identity or sense of belonging to the nation?"

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Installation Grsshopper On Reclaim
joerglohrer – learning, 2018/11/13

Installation gRSShopper on Reclaim My way to the installation of gRSShopper on Reclaim Hosting There is a Tutorial for this on youtube by Stephen Downes with 1h04min playtime. I describe my steps by using his video — but with hyperlinks and screenshots — to give you a walkthrough: Hosting Sign up for hosting First of all i sign up for the … Continue reading "Installation gRSShopper on Reclaim"

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#El30 Week 4: The Same
x28, EL30 – x28's new Blog, 2018/11/13

One meaning of 'identity' is just 'the same'. If I am a user who has never logged in into a certain server, a 'cookie' just tells the server that I am the same one who visited the site before. Nobody knows my name at this time.
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#el30 via NodeXL
Aras Bozkurt, NodeXL, 2018/11/13

Found via Twitter, definitely worth a look: "The graph is directed. The graph's vertices were grouped by cluster using the Clauset-Newman-Moore cluster algorithm. The graph was laid out using the Grid layout algorithm."

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