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Week 1: Data

Welcome to the first newsletter in the first week of E-Learning 3.0. It would have been yesterday, but as you may have noticed, I had my hands full at the E21 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century Education. You can find one short video from that event below. There will be two more (like I said, I was pretty busy) but if you can't wait, you can view the full 9 hours live streamed.

For our guest this week we have Shelly Blake-Plock, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Yet Analytics on Wednesday at noon eastern - here's the Event Page with the time (in your local time zone) and link to participate. Yet Analytics is among the leaders in developing and implementing E-Learning data solutions, and specifically, xAPI and Learning Record Stores. So you want to view this!

We also have a full slate of other guests. See them all on the new Course Activities page.

This week's task will be centered around getting your own data into the course (I've decided to use the word 'task' rather than 'assignment' - it feels more participatory). There are three parts to this task:
- create a blog of some sort (you can use Blogger, WordPress, Edublogs, or any other service you like, or if you are feeling adventurous, you can install your own version of gRSShopper on Reclaim - I'll be providing video instructions).
- find the RSS feed for your blog - you can use the OERu Feed Finder to do this. Don't worry - you don't even need to log in.
- Enter the RSS Feed URL into the form I will be providing in a day or two (it exists, but it hasn't finished testing yet).

Badges. Yes, there will be badges, but I have to set up the tasks and badge system first. I'll do that as the course proceeds. But here's how it will work:
- You can get one (or more) badge for the task for each of the 9 weeks of the course (the first task is the one above). - if you get at least 6 out of 9 badges, you will be given a course badge.
These will be extremely rare and valuable (and might even be blockchained!) so be sure to do some tasks. You'll need your blog to do the tasks, so you should really do the first task.

That's it for now. More tomorrow! And don't miss the noon event.


AI in Education Symposium - Introduction Oct 23, 2018 Artificial Intelligence and 21st Century Education in Ottawa, my brief introduction and posing of a problem. URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WENb9N2gnpQ


There’s more to decentralisation than blockchains and bitcoin
Irina Bolychevsky, P2P Foundation, 2018/10/23

"As the decentralisation movement grows, I consider the characteristics of decentralisation, what decentralisation is a tactic for, why and what work still needs to happen to re-decentralize the digital world." This was tagged #el30 on Twitter by @qienmei.

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eLearning 3.0 (#mscedc Week 5)
Stephen Abblitt, Medium, 2018/10/23

Continuing to think about themes of cyberspace, community, connection, and the cyborg as our originary myth/metaphor, I’ve selected the MOOC that will form the basis of a digital micro-ethnography: Stephen Downes’s connectivist cMOOC e-Learning 3.0.

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Federated Social Networks
Eva Birger, via פλenK, 2018/10/23

“The quantified self will give way to the qualified self.” Stephen Downes #el30 While watching the presentation E-Learning 3.0, where he explains the impact of the next wave of learning technologies emerging as a consequence of the significant and substantial changes coming to the World Wide Web, I asked myself what about the ‘Human Learning in the Age of Machine Learning’.

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What is the difference between decentralized and distributed systems?
MaRi Eagar, Digital Futures, 2018/10/23

"Decentralized means that there is no single point where the decision is made. Every node makes a decision for it’s own behaviour and the resulting system behaviour is the aggregate response." Tagged #el30 on Twitter by @qienmei.

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Publish Static Websites, Docker Containers or Node.js Apps Just by Typing: now
Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, 2018/10/23

"A few days ago, in the latest episode of the Reclaim Today video show (any chance of an audio podcast feed too?) Jim Groom and Tim Owens chatted about Zeit Now [docs], a serverless hosting provider." Tagged on Twitter #el30 by Roland Legrand with the comment "this seems to be relevant for those of us wanting to experiment with #docker and other cloud-related stuff we study in #el30 - Zeit Now."

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Please note: these posts were added to the newsletter manually. Apologies if I missed you. I'll catch up next week. Your first assignment in the course (to be posted in a day or two) will be to create and submit your blog or website for harvesting.